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EASTLEIGH MODEL RAIL is a joint venture with CW Railways

offering high resolution 3D printed kits of Southern Railway and BR Southern

Region prototypes that are not covered by the major manufacturers.


We are launching our range with 4mm scale models of the iconic all-steel 4 Sub electric multiple unit and of the post-war 2 Hal units.

Later we intend to produce kits of the 4 EPB, 2 Hap and 2 EPB units built to the same Bulleid/Lynes design on the Eastleigh production line that ran from 1946 to 1959.

More products are in the pipeline, both Southern Electric fleets and Southern Railway locomotive-hauled stock. 

Watch this space!

4621 product 1.png

Units 4621-4666 typify the final and most numerous version of the all-steel 4 Sub.  They consisted of two 8-bay open (centre-gangwayed) motor coaches, one 10-bay open trailer and one 10-compartment trailer.

4364 product 1.png

Units 4364-4369 are representative of earlier versions of the all-steel 4 Sub, with an all-compartment interior layout. One trailer had 9 compartments, the other 10 compartments.  Cab ends had external step plates and grab handles.

2693 product 1.png

All-steel units 2693-2699, built on the same Eastleigh production line as the post-war 4 Sub fleet, were replacements for wartime losses.

2700 product 1.png

A unique 2 Hal hybrid, with a 4 Sub-type saloon motor coach and a driving trailer similar to the 2693-series units.

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Introduced on 1930 for the newly electrified Wimbledon - West Croydon line, these characterful 2-car d.c. electric units were rebuilds of 1909 LBSCR South London Line a.c. electric stock.



Bodies, interiors, underframes, bogies and other components for your own projects.

Hornby-type motor bogie housing.png

Enables the Hornby X6575 2 Bil/2 Hal motor bogie to be fitted to the Eastleigh Model Rail SR standard motor coach underframe.

std 8ft bogie 1.png
motor coach underframe 1.png
trailer underframe 1.png
driving trailer underframe 1.png
steel sub mtor coach body 1.png
steel sub 10 compartment trailer body 1.png
all steel driving trailer body 1.png
motor coach saloon interior 1.png
trailer saloon interior 1.png
trailer compartment interior 1.png
driving trailer interior 1.png