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£340.00 inc vat

The SR-type 2 EPB units were initially split between the Waterloo-Windsor/Weybridge route that had for so long been covered by their 2 Nol predecessors and Central Division operations to Caterham and Tattenham Corner.

The Windsor/Weybridge 2 EPBs migrated to the Central and Eastern Divisions in the 1970s, some operating North London Line services whilst based at Selhurst.

Almost all of the fleet were facelifted in the 1980s and they remained in service until the early 1990s.

What's in the box -

This Eastleigh Model Rail 2 EPB kit gives you all the 4mm scale 3D printed parts you need to build a complete (unpowered) 2-car unit - sides, ends, roofs, interiors, underframes and bogies.

What else you'll need -

  • A motor bogie - see the "motorisation options" link below.

  • Wheels and bearings - the bogies are dimensioned to accommodate '00', 'EM' or 'P4' gauge 14mm disc wheelsets with standard 26mm 'pinpoint' axles and the sideframes have holes to fit brass 'top hat' wheel-bearings.

  • Couplings - 1 pair of Symoba close couplers, plus your choice of NEM inter-unit couplers if you intend to operate the unit in multiple with other Southern Electric stock.

  • 8BA/M2 nuts and bolts.

  • Adhesives

  • Glazing

  • Paints and transfers

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