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£125.00 inc vat

Built in 1910-11 as seven-compartment brake 2nd/3rd composites for SECR trio ‘A’ sets, these 16 coaches were substantially altered for service on the Isle of Wight from 1948-49.  The characteristic SECR ‘birdcage’ lookout for the guard and the rooftop ventilators were all removed to fit the island’s restrictive clearances and three compartments were removed to create an enlarged van area for holidaymakers’ luggage with a second set of double doors.  In stark contrast to the elaborate mouldings of the unmodified areas, the sides of the converted van space had plain steel sheeted sides.

Apart from four coaches that were converted to full-length luggage vans in the 1950s, all survived until the end of steam.

What's in the box -

This Eastleigh Model Rail kit gives you all the 4mm scale 3D printed parts you need to build a complete coach - sides, ends, roofs, interiors, underframes and bogies.

What else you'll need -

  • Couplings - 1 pair of Symoba close couplers

  • Wheels and bearings - the bogies are dimensioned to accommodate '00', 'EM' or 'P4' gauge 14mm disc wheelsets with standard 26mm 'pinpoint' axles and the sideframes have holes to fit brass 'top hat' wheel-bearings

  • 8BA/M2 nuts and bolts.

  • Glazing

  • Paints and transfers

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