Southern Railway 'CENTRAL TYPE' motor bogies (unpowered)

£22.00 per pair inc vat

The 8ft 9ins wheelbase Central type of motor bogie was the Southern Railway's de facto standard for its suburban electric multiple unit fleet (the major exceptions being 4 Sub units 4667-4754 and 4 EPB units 5001-5053 which were fitted with the 9ft 'Eastern' type, reclaimed from pre-war units).


This 3D printed kit consists of a central section and left and right hand sideframes, which can be assembled as a dummy motor bogie or trailer pickup bogie.  Alternatively the kit can be used to provide cosmetic parts to fit to your choice of motor bogie.


Wheels are not included.  The kit is dimensioned to accommodate your choice of '00', 'EM' or 'P4' gauge 14mm disc wheelsets with standard 26mm 'pinpoint' axles and the sideframes have holes to fit brass 'top hat' wheel-bearings.