(EE type)

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From 1925 onwards the Southern Railway built large numbers of new 62ft underframes for its suburban electric multiple unit fleet on which it mounted pre-Grouping bodywork from steam-hauled suburban fleets made redundant by electrification.


The earlier builds of suburban stock had Metropolitan-Vickers (MV) traction and control equipment in a cabinet between the motorman's and the guard's compartments but in 1936 the Southern awarded its supply contract to English Electric Ltd (EE) for a new design with electro-pneumatic traction control equipment housed in cases beneath the underframe.


This 3D printed Eastleigh Model Rail motor coach underframe accurately represents the English Electric version of the Southern's standard suburban motor coach underframe with its underfloor resistance grids, switchgear cases, main circuit breaker and other equipment, together with the Westinghouse brake compressor, main and auxiliary reservoirs and brake cylinder.


The underframe has provision for fitting Keen close-coupling system at the inner end, if required.  The outer end has the massive self-contained buffers that became standard on all new and reconditioned underframes from 1938 onwards.


As well as the underframe and trusses a pivot plate is included in the kit to enable the Eastleigh Model Rail unpowered motor bogie to be fitted.  Alternatively an Eastleigh Model Rail Hornby-type motor bogie housing (available separately) can be mounted in the same space.